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I Am…

I Am… Two powerful words! Everything you say or write after that, describes you, your situation, your way of thinking…about yourself, others and situations.

I have always loved words. I sometimes jokingly say that I was born speaking. I talked a lot, to everything and everyone…and whenever nobody was around, I talked to myself. My parents and other relatives had a hard time with my chattering-which seemed to accelerate during the news broadcasts, games and other interesting programmes and regularly asked me ‘to keep my mouth shut’, ‘to be quiet’.

However…what used to seem a source of nuisance for my surroundings, turns out to be a gift in my adult life. Nowadays I am asked to speak. I am being paid to speak. I still love to speak, and I do so from a passion with a streamlined message. I share my perspective on life and my achievements as easily as I share all my painful moments of growth. I cannot feel ashamed for ‘mistakes’ made during life, or unused opportunities. Achievements, big and small are not there to stroke my ego. Every choice contributed to the person I am today and the way I share my theoretical and practical experience. Like you I am more than just my life lessons, more than a moment of success, more than whatever situation or any role you can imagine being assigned to you or me. I am… we are… ‘work in progress’, with an emphasis on progress. As a result, I am convinced that I am better than yesterday, and still growing into my tomorrow.

The place I was yesterday, someone else still needs to reach
The place I am going to tomorrow, someone else has already been to
Where I am today, I am perfectly imperfect
Wherever I am, I am both a teacher and a student

I would love to meet you during my training course, a public speaking moment or a spoken word performance!

Best regards,

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