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Conflict Management

‘A gem cannot be polished without friction’

But an underestimated conflict can lead to much and needless escalation. Fortunately, this can be avoided, since it takes two to find a solution in a quarrel. 

You are not responsible for the way you receive a message, but you are responsible for the way you respond.

This practical training teaches you how to recognize a conflict, analyse and control it.

After the Conflict Management training you can:

Recognize your own conflict style

Implement at least 3 basic skills in an emotionally charged discussion

Discuss conflicts effectively

Assess situations differently for an improved relationship

You have:

Tools to better control your own emotions

You know:

Your personal qualities and points for improvement

Fee per person € 440.- excl. of VAT. 


This training is also suitable as an in-company training course, especially for companies that seek to advance the internal communication among employees for the sake of a better team spirit. Please contact Luus Malbons Enterprise by using the contact form for more information.


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